Leigh Ann Caldwell - A Little More


After receiving my yoga teacher training certification in 2009, I teach only sometimes but am so grateful every time I find the time to make it to a class, which isn’t that often these days.

I travel as much as possible. It keeps me connected to the world outside the Washington bubble. My travels have taken me more far than near. I have watched the sunrise from the temples of South India, stood on the edge of Africa, hiked the steep rice patties of northern Vietnam, stumbled through the social customs of Japan, slept under the stars of the Amazon in Ecuador, danced all night with the Venezuelans and traipsed my way through Europe from Paris to Budapest. Although I have not managed to make it across the northern border to Canada, I know I’ll make it there one day.

From the ages of five to 21, my time was consumed with competitive swimming. As a distance swimmer, which means I raced the mile and trained many more, I spent many hours a day staring at the monotonous black line at the bottom of the swimming pool.  Through swimming, I gained the mental toughness and work discipline to tackle any challenge. I finished my swimming career after four years as a scholarship athlete at North Carolina State University.

I am married to Dr. Gregory Jaczko and have a beautiful baby boy.


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